Credit Card Makeup Palette

makeup1Are you one of those, who sometimes just don’t feel comfortable all day long because they had no time to put makeup on in the morning? Well, this will make your day! This credit card-sized makeup pallette will give you the possibility to put your makeup on, whenever you want it. You can put it on while sitting in the car, stuck in the morning rush or in the elevator just before you get in your office. It is super handy because it doesn’t take much space in your purse and it doesn’t matter how little your clutch is when your at a party and you know you’ll have to touch up later! It fits in your wallet, just as your credit card, so you will be able to carry it always with you!

Stowaway Cosmetics, a brand that makes purse-size products intended for regular use, recmakeup3ently debuted a brand new eye palette. You may associate makeup palettes with 20-shade boxes that have a dedicated spot on your vanity rather than in your bag, but this palette is as small as a credit card.

You want this credit card gadget?
Click here to buy this online.

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