Credit Card Ax

ax-3We have a bunch of credit card gadgets here but the Survco Tactical Credit Card  Ax is one of the more interesting gadgets on our list. Not only does it provide a suprisingly strong ax, if you’re ceative you can use it for 21 different functions. You can use this credit card sized gadget as a:

Spear – Knife – Scraper – Shovel – Skinner – Arrow (arrow head included) – Screwdriver -Bottle-opener – Seat belt cutter – Gas valve wrench – Nail puller – 1/4″/3/8″socket – 7/16″ wrench – Saw AND ofcourse an awesome ax made of stainless steel!

To use it as an ax you first need a handle (which you can make of wood with the blade ax-4itself) and to wrap it firmly around the handle you will need four plastic tie wraps.

Getting the job done with this credit card sized ax will probably take you a little longer, but a heavy duty ax isn’t just something you carry around every day 24/7.

You want this credit card gadget?
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