Credit Card Charger

chargecard-action-shotYou forgot your iPhone charger cable at home and your iPhone battery is almost dead? No problem! You have the credit card charger with you! Wait..what?! You don’t?! What are you waiting for?! This credit card charger fits perfectly in your wallet, so when you need it, you carry it always with you! It is only 0.1 inches (2.54 mm) thick with on the one side a USB port and on the other side it is compatible with the iPhone 3g, 3gs, 4 & 4s.


This credit card charger gives you also the possibility to charge your iPhone by plugging it into computers, laptops, car stereos, game consoles, TVs,…  Even if you don’t own an iPhone, this is the perfect gift for someone who does!

You want this credit card gadget?
Click here to compare prices at Amazon.

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