Credit Card Arduboy

arduboy_01Arduboy is a ‘Game Boy’ the size of a credit card that lets you play and even MAKE your own video games. It fits in your wallet and lets you learn how to program computers

The teeny console has the same interface and physical buttons as the Game Boy, as well as games like ‘Maruino’ that looks suspiciously like the original Super Mario Land and ‘Ardumon’ that looks like Pokemon.

You can choose from a range of classic games to install from an online library. Arduboy is powered by DIY computing technology called Arduino, which means it’s also easy to design your own games using the device.

As well as being a gaming console, Arduboy can be used to learn computer programming, as an old school 8-bit synthesiser or as a controller for your drone. The so far coolest credit card gadget ever!

You want this credit card gadget?
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